Sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs

Creative ideas for multifunctional armchairs and sofas with traditional Japanese futon mattresses. These simple but brilliant products will add that special touch to your living room.

Creative ideas for multifunctional armchairs and sofas with traditional Japanese futon mattresses. These simple but brilliant products will add that special touch to your living room.


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  • Transformable sofa beds

    Openable sofas which turn into beds, available in beech or fir wood treated with all colours of our range. The seats are futon mattresses, available in different fabrics and patterns and customisable with removable covers.

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  • 665,10 € 739,00 € -10%In Stock

    Enjoy the natural fragrance of tatami and futon – high quality products, for pure relaxation. Our Tatami Futon Sofa Bed offers maximum comfort and  high adaptability with a clean and elegant design. With effortless ease it can be converted from a four-seat sofa into a spacious corner sofa or a double bed. Included in the price you will receive 4 cushions...

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  • 387,00 € 430,00 € -10%In Stock

    Thanks to it's versatile frame in scandinavian pinewood, Roots can easily be transformed from a sofa, into a chaise longue or bed; The included futon mattress consists of pure cotton with a latex insert. Roots comes in different colours, you can choose a neutral hue or a more vibrant color if you wish to make a statement.

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  • 629,10 € 699,00 € -10%In Stock

    The Beats Sofa Bed forms a cozy nest when the armrests are in an upright position. By lowering one armrest it turns into a lounge chair, lower the other armrest and you immediately have a comfortable single bed. Both the frame and the futon are available in many different colours which you can choose from in the options below.

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  • 682,96 € 758,84 € -10%In Stock

    Freshen up your decor with this modern sofa bed. Made with FSC certified pine wood and a cotton futon with a foam core for extra support and softness. The Fresh sofa adapts perfectly to an active and dynamic lifestyle: by inclining the backrest it can be easily moved around or transformed into a cosy double bed. Available in many different colors.

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  • 801,00 € 890,00 € -10%In Stock

    Modern & fresh, you will love our space saving Senza Sofa Bed for its high versatility. The frame is made with solid FSC certified scandinavian pine wood. The seater consists of a very thick, plush futon with a 12 cm core of foam to ensure high durability. This sofa is in stock and will be dispatched within 48 hours from order!

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  • 395,20 € 494,00 € -20%In Stock

    The Figo Chaise Longue Bed in solid Scandinavian pinewood can be set in 4 different positions transforming from an elegant beach chair into a relaxing single bed. The mattress is a cotton 12 cm thick futon with a 4 cm thick latex core insert. The neckroll cushion is included. The offer relates exclusively to the product shown in the picture.

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  • 409,50 € 455,00 € -10%In Stock

    The Figo Chaise Longue Bed in scandinavian pinewood can be set in 4 different positions going from a beach chair to a comfortable bed with a japanese futon mattress. It is available with a width of 70 cm or 120 cm. The futon mattress is 12 cm thick with a latex core insert for a pleasant support. The neckroll cushion is included in the price.

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  • 356,40 € 396,00 € -10%In Stock

    Despite its name, the Cube Armchair Bed is anything but square, actually, it's extremly flexible and versatile. It can be transformed in four different positions with effortless ease (see pictures). From a comfortable armchair with footrest it converts into a single bed or a large pouf, which can serve as a table or a seat.

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  • 315,00 € 350,00 € -10%In Stock

    The Dice Armchair bed consists in a comfortable 80 cm large armchair when closed (the seat is 60 cm large) and a 120 x 120 mattress made up of two futons when opened. The backrest is 80 cm high. If you look for a colorful and friendly design you can choose two different shades for the two futons.

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  • 297,00 € 330,00 € -10%In Stock

    The tranformable futon of the Nest Armchair Bed has a half-moon shape when opened and turns into a comfortable armchair when closed. Created to read and have relaxing moments. The futon holds it's shape thanks to a zipper that runs down the back of the armchair.

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  • 0,00 € In Stock

    This transformable futon sofa (chair - chaise longue - bed) with leather straps is made up of two futons: one futon is folded in half to create the seat cushion and the other is rolled and buckled up with leather straps to create the back support. This fashionable seating can be transformed into an accomodating bed for guests by opening and stacking both...

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  • 373,50 € 415,00 € -10%In Stock

    The Hippo Armchair Bed consists of a versatile tranfromable futon that forms a comfortable 90 cm wide armchair when it is in the closed position and a comfy 90x200 cm large mattress when opened. It is also availabel as a two seater sofa version that is 140 cm large. Play with the different colors to brighten up your living space with more than one Hippo.

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  • 165,75 € 195,00 € -15%In Stock

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