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Take advantage of this limited offer before it's over! Our Tatami Futon Sofa Bed offers maximum comfort and high adaptability with a clean and elegant design. With effortless ease it can be converted from a four-seater into a spacious corner sofa or a double bed. Included in the price you will receive 4 cushions for the backrest.

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Expected dispatch date 12-12-2019.

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819,00 € tax incl.

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2 Tatami mats 80 x 200 cm / 2 Futons 80 x 200 cm
2 Tatami mats 90 x 200 cm / 2 Futons 80 x 200 cm
Futon Composition
biological cotton comfort
biological cotton comfort
4 cotton cushions - size 50x50 cm - colour scheme: 2 like the first futon, 2 like the second one
85 mustard yellow_
85 mustard yellow_
Colour of the second futon
85 mustard yellow_
85 mustard yellow_

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Product features

The Tatami Futon Sofa Bed reflects the simple and minimalistic style of Japanese tradition with a modern twist. It consists of two high quality tatamis, two futons and four cushions in pure cotton. You can choose to combine these pieces into a four seater sofa, a spacious corner sofa or a double bed, according to whichever best suits your needs.


Tatami width: 80 or 90 cm
Tatami length: 200 cm
Tatami height: 5,5 cm
Size of a single Futon size: 80x200 cm
Height of a single futon: 13 cm 
Cushions: 50 x 50 x 10 cm
Sitting height: about 30 cm if one of the two tatamis is placed as a backrest; 35 cm if both tatamis are placed beneath the futons.
Sitting depth: 70 cm

Colour Combination

The futons are available in an elegant two-coloured scheme with one futon in colour anthracite grey and one in lilac, or in a single-coloured scheme with both futons in lilac. The four cotton cushions will follow the same colour scheme as the futons: two will be in the same colour as one futon and two will in the colour of the second futon.

If you would like to order additional cushions please visit this page: Cushions.

If you would like to have this sofa in other dimensions or colours, please visit our standard version: Tatami Futon Sofa Bed


Tatami: rice straw with an outer weave of rush straw. For more information visit this page: Tatami.
Futon: The seat consists of two traditional futons with a pure cotton batting. These futons offer the perfect sitting base and, when used as mattresses for sleeping, they offer a firm resting support that encourages a correct posture during sleep. 


Tatami: may be cleaned with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.
Futon: we recommend to clean this product with a dry brush. For more resistant stains it's possible to clean the futon with stain removers. It's best to avoid the use of water.
You should also turn the futons around regularly to allow the batting to compress evenly. Further, we recommend to clean the futons with a vacuum cleaner from time to time.

If you wish to further protect the futons and cushions over time, we also offer a set a removable covers with zippers. These covers can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at max 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here is our set of covers in with a limited offer -20%: Set of Covers for the Tatami Futon Sofa Bed - Special Offer

Here is our standard set of covers, available in different colours and sizes: Set of Covers for the Tatami Futon Sofa Bed