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    Zen tatami bedside table made with laminated beechwood is provided with a 45x35 cm top with a cover layer of tatami, it can also have a plain wooden top. It's available in the basic version or it can be provided with a drawer that slides on wooden runners.  

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    A very compact bed provided with 3 bookcase modules (2 on the sides and 1 in the front). All modules are situated under the bed and don't take up any extra space. Slats are included in the price. Measures start from 120x200 with a minimum height of 35 cm.

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  • 855,00 € 950,00 € -10%In Stock

    The Small Shoji Sideboard with rice paper sliding doors is great to keep all your belongings neat and tidy in your bedroom. This product can also be used as a practical TV cabinet. It is available in different dimensions, wood colors, coverings and door handles. You can create your own individual sideboard with the options below.

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    Enjoy the natural fragrance of tatami and futon – high quality products, for pure relaxation. Our Tatami Futon Sofa Bed offers maximum comfort and  high adaptability with a clean and elegant design. With effortless ease it can be converted from a four-seat sofa into a spacious corner sofa or a double bed. Included in the price you will receive 4 cushions...

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Arpel - Natural Wood Furniture

Arpel produces high quality ecological furniture in solid beech wood

Japanese furniture e-commerce

On our website you can find beautiful furniture in japanese design for your home such as:

  • Japanese metal free beds
  • loft beds
  • beside tables and japanese cabinets
  • tatami mats
  • ergonomic slats
  • Japanese futon mattresses
  • bio memory foam mattresses
  • Japanese wardrobes
Japanese style bedroom

Japanese custom furniture

Do you need custom furniture?
Arpel can also build furniture following a specific project you send us and we can assembly it directly in your house:

  • Japanese Shoji sliding doors with rice paper of fabric covering
  • Japanese style walk-in wardrobes
  • bookcases with sliding doors
  • desks and tables
  • Loft beds with tatami mat bases
  • tatami floorings

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