Kids' Room

Kids' Room

Discover our ecological furniture series specifically designed for childrens' rooms. This furniture in natural solid beech wood is made without toxic solvents or plastics. You can choose to have the wood left completely untreated or to have it finished with non toxic water based finishings that protect the wood and add different hues of color.

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  • Single or bunk beds

    Single or bunk beds that can be provided with comfortable space-saver drawers or pull-out beds. Robust solid beechwooden structure treated with eco-friendly non-toxic varnishes.

  • Cradles and small beds

    Natural cradles and small beds with solid beechwooden structures treated with eco-friendly non-toxic varnishes, an essential guarantee for your child.

  • Containers

    In questa sezione troverete elementi di arredamento progettati a misura di bambino, costruiti con solido faggio massello e trattati con finiture atossiche. In this section you will find furnishing accessories with child-oriented design, made up of solid beechwood, with non-toxin finishing.

  • Desks

    Classic or PC desks, child-oriented, in solid beechwood and treated with non-toxic varnishes.

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  • 354,07 €

    Chalet bed, single bed with headboard; it can be provided with spacious pull out drawers or a pull out bed for guests. Length x Width: 204 x 98

    354,07 €
  • 580,37 €

    Chalet bed, single bed with headboard; it can be provided with under drawers or a pullout bed. L-W 204x98

    580,37 €
  • 619,39 €

    The Heaven Bunk Bed in solid beech wood can be 160 or 180 cm high and is equipped with a sturdy ladder and beech slats included in the price. This bed is for a 90 x 200 cm large mattress. You can choose to have it in natural beech (transparent finish) or whitened beech.

    619,39 €
  • 756,92 €

    The bunk bed Bunker in solid beechwood can be disassembled in two single beds. L-H-W 208X160X102 cm

    756,92 €
  • 176,55 €

    Tris small bed accompanies your child's growth. Initially a crab,if you remove some bars thanks to a simple device, a gap would help your child to become familiar with the environment. Lastly you can remove the ring and it turns into a real small bed.

    176,55 €
  • 142,41 €

    Duo small bed for babies with wheels provided with locking device, adjustable height slatted base and solid beech wooden structure.

    142,41 €
  • 614,51 €

    Solitar wardrobe provided with two doors with hinge,L-H-W 84x180x54cm; the price includes 1 shelf and a clothes hanger stick, the handles can be lather laces or steel knobs.

    614,51 €
  • 378,46 €

    Jem chest of drawers with three drawers that move on metallic runners L-H-D 80x8x56 cm.

    378,46 €
  • 476,98 €

    TV console composed of two drawers and a glove compartment under the top, L-H-D cm 131x55x51.

    476,98 €
  • 339,44 €

    Empik bookcase with 4 shelves and a drawer at the bottom, L-H-D 50x158x37.

    339,44 €
  • 275,07 €

    Pc Desk, computer desk with removable shelf. At the bottom,on the right, there's a shelf for the computer; under the top, on the same side, a comfortable drawer. The overall dimensions are L-H-D 114x74x66.

    275,07 €
  • 373,58 €

    Plus desk with removable shelf under the bottom, provided with a drawer and a compartment with hinged door, L-H-D 114x74x66.

    373,58 €
  • 142,41 €

    Ulla cradle for babies with wheels provided with locking device, simple and eco-friendly.

    142,41 €
Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items