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This slim futon made of pure virgin wool is true to the japanese tradition of roll-up mattresses. It is completely natural with rigid bearing capacity which makes it ideal as a massage or shiatsu mattress. The filling consists of 6 layers of carded virgin wool for a total height of 9 cm. The price includes a removable cover.

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Product features

Our Futon Virgin Wool Slim with Removable Cover consists of 6 layers of carded virgin wool that has not undergone any chemical treatment. Wool is a naturally antibacterial, breathable and temperature-regulating material, so it maintains a constant body temperature during sleep.

It is a roll-up mattress with a rigid bearing capacity: the compact height gives rigidity to the composition, making it ideal for wellness treatments or massages. The removable and machine-washable cover guarantees better preservation and easy cleaning of the product.

Futon mattresses have always been appreciated for their great versatility. In Japan, futons are generally laid on tatami floors in the evening for sleeping, and are folded up during the day to allow the bedroom to be transformed into a living area. Our futons are also well suited for use in beds with slatted or tatami bases.


This japanese futon is available as a single, french or double mattress.

Width: 140 cm
Length: 210 cm
Thickness: 9 cm (front and sides)


Removable Cover: 100% ecru cotton
Stitched cover: 100% ecru cotton
Batting: 9 cm of pure virgin wool in layers

Maintenance and care

The removable cover can be machine washed on a gentle cycle up to 40 degrees. Futons are quilted mattresses and therefore not removable, so any stains should be cleaned without water using dry stain removers.

We also recommend turning the futon from time to time to ensure proper compression of the cotton. The futon should also be folded from time to time and allowed to air out to remove any residual moisture absorbed from the air. It is a good idea to apply this procedure at least four times a year.

Durability of the futon

Arpel mattresses are made of high-quality virgin wool and with proper care they will last up to 10 years.