1 Tatami + Futon Cotton Comfort

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The 1 Tatami + Futon Cotton Comfort Combo offers you a truly authentic traditional Japanese bed. The high quality tatami is 5,5 cm thick and the futon batting consists of 8 layers of pure cotton. To complete your bed, have a look at the different beautiful accessories such as a futon headrest, pure cotton cushions and original Japanese-style bedspread.

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Expected dispatch date 17-12-2022.

416,50 € tax incl.

MwSt. 19%

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tatami 80x200 cm - futon 70x200 cm
tatami 90x200 cm - futon 80x200 cm
tatami 100x200 cm - futon 90x200 cm
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Product features

This combo for sale at a special price consists of 1 Tatami on which the 10 cm smaller Futon Cotton Comfort is placed. Thus the intricate and beautiful weave of the tatami remains visible for 5 cm on both sides of the mat.
The combination of tatami and futon make up an excellent Japanese bed.
This way of sleeping is common in Japan as the futon can be rolled up during the day freeing space for other uses. Moreover the tatami and the pure cotton futon offer the perfect amount of rigidity and support needed for a good nights sleep.

If you want to complete your bed with a beech wood frame have a look at Haru Platform Bed.


Width of tatami base: 80, 90 or 100 cm
Width of futon: 70, 80 or 90 cm
Length of tatami: 200 cm
Length of futon: 200 cm
Height of tatami: 5,5 cm
Height of futon: 13 cm

Product features of the tatami

The high quality of the tatami is distinguishable by the double weave visible on the front as well as the back side making the tatami a 5,5 cm thick, sturdy mat.

Product features of the futon

The Futon Cotton Comfort is a 100% natural mattress. The batting consists of 8 layers of pure carded cotton. Also the mattress cover with a total height of 13 cm is made of pure cotton. To protect the outside of your futon you can order a cotton cover in Accessories.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure that you will enjoy your futon for a long time, you should turn it occasionally. This is especially important at the beginning of it's use. It encourages an uniform compression on the cotton layers allowing them to mantain their original form in the future. To clean this mattress, we suggest to vacuum it from time to time. For more resistant stains it's possible to clean the futon with stain removers. It's best to avoid the use of water. Further, we suggest to fold the futon periodically (i.e. during season changes) and spread it outside or in an airy room allowing possible absorbed moisture to escape.
Its best to clean the tatami with a vacuum cleaner.


You can complete 1 Tatami + Futon Comfort Cotton bed with various products from our Accessories-section. You´ll find there a pure cotton cover to protect the futon, a futon-headrest, futon cushions different sizes, Japanese-style bedspreads and the bedside table Haru.