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High-quality Japanese tatamis made of woven rice straw. Our tatami-mats stand out for their double weave present both on the front as well as the back side of the mats. They make a perfect base for any mattress in all our beds and can be combined to create stunning floorings.

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Expected dispatch date 20-04-2024.

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Tatami mat dimensions
2'4" x 6'6" (70 x 200 cm)
2'8" x 6'6" (80 x 200 cm)
2'11" x 6'6" (90 x 200 cm)

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Product features

If you want to furnish your home in Japanese-style, you definitely cannot forget to include Tatamis. In Japan Tatami mats can be found in any home, and they are becoming increasingly popular also in western homes among those who strive to live in an eco-sustainable, non-toxic environment without sacrificing the design of their home interiors.

The high quality of our tatamis is visible for these main factors:

- the double straw weave present on both sides of the mats (lower quality tatamis have the straw weave only on the top side which remains visible to the eye while the back side is covered with synthetic materials);

- the thicknesss of 5,5 cm, slightly higher than average, indicates that this product is very long lasting over time.

- our Tatamis are quite heavyweight because of the tight weave of straw in the center. This ensures that the mat maintains its form over time

A Tatami mat makes an ideal base for a futon mattress both when placed in our Japanese beds or straight on the floor as with our Beds with Tatami and Futon or our Tatami Sofa Bed. Combine both elements and you will have the right sturdiness and support to guarantee a healthy and restful sleep.

When used as floor covering, our Tatamis not only offer soft and pleasant feel to the touch but are also great heat insulators thanks to the isolation effect created by the air molecules captured between the internal rice weave. Thus Tatami floors will keep the environment where they are placed cool in summer and warm in winter.

Examples of Tatami combinations:

Arpel also manufactures customized Tatami floor coverings completed with fillings in beech wood for the parts that cannot be covered by the mats. Contact us if you want a customized Tatami floor covering and indicate the dimensions of the area that needs to be covered.


Our Tatamis are available in a square as well as rectangular format.
Square Tatami format: 2 options are available, 90x90 cm and 100x100 cm
Width of rectangular Tatami: from 60 to 100 cm
Length of rectangular Tatami: 180 or 200cm
Thickness: 5,5 cm


Interior (Tatami-Doku): 100% natural rice- and soft rush straw. Our tatamis do not contain layers of polystyrene.
Exterior (Tatami-Omote): Soft rush straw woven and sewn on the edges. The two longer sides of the tatami are framed with black borders.

Care and Maintenance

We advise against the use of water and cleaning agents to clean these natural Tatamis. Instead we suggest the use of a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner for carpet care.

Where are our tatamis made?

Our tatamis are handmade in China.