Delivery details

Production and delivery deadlines

Arpel works on a production-to-order basis, this means we produce each single piece after receiving an order with the raw materials we regularly keep in stock.

To always meet the market demand we keep some finished products in stock to have them ready for delivery at any time. This is the case for example for our Tatami mats, some dimensions and compositions of our Futon mattresses and some sofa beds and other accessories.

Therefore, the delivery deadlines can differ from product to product.

On the every product page on our website you can find an estimate of the dispatch date for that product. This deadline is an estimate of the time necessary to produce the goods and hand them over to our couriers. It does not include the time necessary for the courier to deliver the goods to your address. When an order contains more than one product, the dispatch date to consider is the longest one among those indicated for the single products in the order. 

When Arpel produces custom made pieces of furniture such as partitions, sliding doors, walk in closets and custom made beds and wardrobes, the delivery deadlines may be somewhat longer. The deadlines also depend on our current workload.

Arpel will always inform it’s customers when unexpected delays occur and you can at any time ask us for a delivery estimate for the specific product/s you are interested in through our contact form.

Standard shipping dealines

- Countries in range 1 : from 3 to 7 working days, according on the destination.
- Countries in range 2 : from 5 to 10 working days, according on the destination.
- Countries in range 3 : from 5 to 10 working days, according on the destination.

Delivery days

From Monday till Friday in office hours at the standard price. Upon specific request, we can deliver on Saturdays with extra costs.

Countries in which we deliver

We have divided the list of countries in which we deliver in 3 ranges with different conditions:

Range 1: Germany, Austria, Italy, San Marino
Range 2: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Liechtenstein
Range 3: Switzerland and other countries outside the European Community

Standard delivery costs

The standard delivery costs are applied on deliveries in all countries in the ranges 1 and 2. The delivery cost for each product will appear when the product is placed in the shopping cart, before proceeding to check out.

Canceling of the standard shipping costs

The standard delivery costs on street are cancelled in under the following conditions:

- the client picks up the goods directly from Arpels headquarters. This option can be selected during the check-out;
- the delivery destination is in one of the countries in range 1 and the total value of the goods ordered is equal to € 1.500,00 or more tax included;
- the delivery destination is in one of the countries in range 2 and the total value of the goods ordered is equal to € 2.000,00 or more tax included;

Delivery costs for Countries the European Community

For a delivery in one of the countries in rang 3 please send us a request using our contact form and specifying the products you are interested in.

We will answer you with a personal offer because we will eliminate the Italian taxes on the products and add the taxes of the country of destination and customs cost. By asking you to anticipate all the customs costs, we can guarantee that our couriers will not encounter any problems with the delivery outside the European community.

Extra costs for hard to reach destinations

For deliveries in areas that are typically harder to reach because of certain particularities of the location, extra costs will be applied to the base shipping cost. Some examples of these types of locations are irregular roads, roads not accessible to vehicles, tight roads where large vehicles cannot pass easily, gravel or dirt roads, mountain roads, all roads defined as difficult to cross, islands and so forth.

Such extra costs will be communicated to the client upon receival of the order or upon specific request using the contact form. We do invite you to notify us in advance if you need a delivery in such a location and we will offer you the best price possible for our services.

Arpel courier partners

Geodis, Schenker, GLS and Hermes (the last one only in Germany).

Advance notice by phone

All deliveries performed with Geodis and Schenker include an advance notice by telephone one day before the handover of the goods. Only for small packages delivered with GLS there is no advance notice by phone. In this case the client will receive an email notice when the good are handed over to this fast courier. GLS also delivers the samples of our materials and finishings.

Standard delivery and delivery in house

- the standard delivery is completed on the street at the base price;
- the delivery in house is performed at an extra cost.

To receive a price quote for this service, please send us a message using the contact form and specify what products you wish to order and the floor on which you wish to receive them.

Only for orders in Germany, it’s possible to select the delivery in house with Hermes during the check out.

Packaging of our furniture, tatami mats and mattresses

Arpel takes great care to properly pack it’s goods for shipping to ensure that they reach the destination perfectly intact.

We use the highest quality materials to protect our furniture kits. All pieces are pre-wrapped in cellophane to protect them from humidity and any scratches. Then they are padded on all sides and corners with Styrofoam and cardboard corners created specifically for the dimension of the piece. Each component of the piece of furniture is packaged on its own so as to divide the boxes and better distribute the dimensions and weight. This reduces the risks of accidental damages and makes it easier for the client to bring the pieces indoors.

Our futon mattresses are wrapped in cellophane and packaged in boxes and our tatami mats are protected with a double cardboard packaging.

Acceptance with reserve

If the packages delivered seem slightly damaged or present any irregularities, we advise our clients to accept the goods with reserve of verification. To do this, you must simply leave a note on the transport document such as follows: “withdrawal of the goods with reserve, the packages are damaged” followed by your signature. If any product or piece of a product has been damaged inside the package, Arpel will change them for new pieces free of charge.

For this to happen, we wish to underline the importance for Arpel and it’s transport partners that the goods are accepted with reserve when you suspect any damage.