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Arpel produces custom made furniture in japanese style. On our website you can find a wide assortment of tatami mats, futon mattresses, wardrobes, walk in closets, shoji sliding doors, ecological beds, transformable sofa beds, bio memory foam mattresses and more.

Who is Arpel?

Arpel is a company with 25 years of experience in custom made solid beechwood furniture in japanese style. We combine a profound knowledge of the most traditional japanese production methods with continuous research and development to consistently offer the highest quality to our clients.


Arpel is extremely picky with it's suppliers and accepts only finest quality materials. We produce exclusively with first choice solid lamellar beechwood in 2 cm thick wooden panels that weigh 750 kg per cubic meter. This allows us to provide extremely sturdy and elegant end products.

We select every other material used in our production cycle with the same quality standards. This applies for example the cotton and latex of our mattresses and futons, the straw of our tatami mats, and the sliding door coatings in cotton or natural japanese rice paper with first choice fiber imported directly from japan.


We strongly believe in the importance of living in harmony with nature. This healthy and natural way of living cannot be limited to ones diet and body care in general, it is equally important to live in an eco-friendly, relaxing environment at home; the main shelter from the stress of everyday life where you can rest and fully recharge yourself with positive energy.

We buy only raw wood and directly take care of the wood finishing process so as to be sure about what substances are used to color it. Our wood is treated with closed pore, non-toxic, ecological water based varnishes that are applied in a special spray painting booth to ensure an even coating. This has allowed us to eliminate any risks for our internal staff, the environment and our customers. The amount of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) contained in our paint cans is near to zero.

We mainly produce metal free beds as recent research suggests that creating metal-free zones in bedrooms aids natural sleep patterns. This because metal accumulates electrical charges that can distort the body's own electrical field.

For truly eco-friendly natural bed in perfect japanese style, we advise to complete it one of our futon mattresses in pure carded cotton.


Our production processes remains true to the authentic japanese philosophy that respects and enhances the natural characteristics of the raw materials used. This does not by any means stop us from using modern technologies to improve a product and make it as functional as possible. One example of this is our New Up&Down Loft Bed designed to gain precious space is smaller environments thanks to a system that allows to lift or lower the bed platform when needed with a hydraulic pressure pump.

We pride ourselves for the fact that our company is constantly looking forward and pushing limits. Our research and development department works incessantly to anticipate trends in an increasingly conscious and demanding market. 

Custom made

Each product on our website, from our beds, to our closets, sideboards and sliding doors etc. can be personalized among a wide choice of colors, dimensions, and finishings. In addition, all pieces that Arpel produces are unique and can be customized down to the last detail to meet any type of need or request.

With Arpel you can accomplish whatever project of interior design you have in mind. For custom made furniture, send us request and together we will develop the perfect solution for your needs.


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