Memory Foam Mattress Biomed

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The Biomed mattress is a CE Certified Anti-Decubitus Medical Device. The top layer is in Puracell, a highly breathable foam with an open cell structure. The central layer is Biomemory Soya, a 100% natural foam. The last layer is in Puracell, a medium firm, high density foam layer. All the materials in this mattress have been foamed exclusively with the use of water vapour.

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Expected dispatch date 27-12-2022.

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Bioceramic cover
Bioceramic cover

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Product features

The Biomed Mattress is certified as an anti-decubitus mattress according to the EU guideline 93/42/CE. It adjusts it’s form to the body eliminating all pressure points and reducing frictional and shearing forces. It therefore especially indicated for ailments such as bed sores.

The Biomed mattress belongs to the category of Medical Memory Mattresses.

The two outer layers of the Biomed mattress have a wavelike surface which is shaped to provide 7 different density zones. Thanks to this particular form, the weight and body movements are evenly absorbed and distributed. This mattress is highly breathable, ergonomic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-odour.

Material characteristics

This mattress is composed of Öko Tex certified materials with the following characteristics:

Porex: This is the 3 cm thick, cream colored top layer. Porex is a very innovative material which is highly breathable as it has an open-cell structure. In comparison with a normal mattress, Porex allows 10 times as much air to circulate through it. This keeps the body always cool and dry. This layer is shaped with a wavelike surface that presents 7 different density zones through which the weight and body movements are evenly absorbed and distributed, eliminating any possible stress points.

Biomemory Soya: This is the central, 4 cm thick yellow layer. Biomemory Soya is a completely natural viscoelastic material made of soya that has been foamed with water and enriched with essential oils. This material was originally developed in space technologies. This foam adapts perfectly to the form of the body. It guarantees optimal support to the spine, eliminating possible stress points. Studies showed that Biomemory Soya foam also increases the phase of deep sleep up to 40%.

Puracell Medium: This is the light blue, 13 cm thick layer. Puracell has an open-cell structure which makes it very breathable, it allows the air to pass freely eliminating the spread of bed mites as they will simply not inhabit it. It also has 7 wavelike surface which provides 7 different density zones which have a beneficial effect on the spine and posture in general.

Bearing capacity

The viscoelastic foams with medium-high density the Memory Foam Mattress Biomed have an ergonomic medium firm bearing capacity.


Width: variable from 80 to 200 cm
Length: 190, 195, 200 and 210 cm
Height of mattress without cover: 20 cm
Height of mattress with cover: 22 cm

Tencel cover with silver ions

The cover is made of a cellulose fibre called Tencel. Also this cover complies with standard of specialized medical products and is certified according to the EU guideline 93/42/CE. It is made out of hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antistatic polyester enriched with silver ions. The filling of the cover is composed of a mixture of Fibersanity and hypoallergenic cotton. The cover has two zippers and is completely removable. It has two practical handles and is washable in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

The netlike fabric band enriched with silver ions that runs around the sides mattress increases the breathability.


The volume is reduced by 50% thanks to the vacuumed, air tight packaging of the mattress and separate packaging of the cover. This product should be opened within 60 days of the date of purchase.

Ideal slats

This mattress can be matched with all our types of slats, from the straight rigid ones to the curved ergonomic ones in laminated beech wood.