Single Row Electric Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Blossom

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Treat yourself to a wonderfully good night's sleep with our Single Row Electric Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Blossom with ergonomic sprung slats. Thanks to an automatic electric mechanism you can lift the head of the bed to create a plush backrest for reading or watching TV. For extra comfort lift the feet of the bed and you'll get a cosy lounge bed in which you can fully unwind.

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Expected dispatch date 15-05-2024.

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The ergonomic Single Row Electric Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Blossom with sprung slats is made of solid, multilayered beech wood covered with a special non-slip paper finishing. Thanks to practical electric mechanism you can lift the head and /or foot of the bed by simply flipping a switch.

The shoulder area of the bed base is provided with IFS-technology flower disc springs which distribute body weight removing pressure form high stress arfeas. The lower back and hip area has double slats overlaid with sliding tension adjusters that can modify the degree of stiffness. The slats are inserted in flexible TPV holders so it's easy to change them if necessary.

The sleek design of the slatted bed base Blossom ensures an easy handling. The frame is held firmly together without screws because the corners have finger joints.

The main characteristics of the Single Row Electric Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Blossom with sprung slats are:

1. The electric mechanism with which you can lift the head and foot are of the bed to create a comfy lounge chair for reading or watching TV. The back and leg area move independantly so you can choose exactly how much to recline each part according to your specific needs.

In addition to providing enhanced relaxation, this bed offers numerous health benefits as it is specifically designed to: 

- relieve lower back pain;
- improve circulation;
- lighten leg swelling;
- enhance independance as it helps get in and out of bed with more ease;
- resolve sleep issues such as insommnia, apnea and snoring;
- improve digestion and lessen acid reflux and heartburn. 

2. The special IFS technology flower disc springs on two slats in shoulder area. These springs have a 360° swaying motion so they distribute weight and relieve body pressure by conveying it from high stress regions to the surrounding area. This technology helps prevent muscle tension that can develop from long term pressure on the shoulders. You can regulate the stiffness of the springs according to your preference.

The number of discs on a slat depends on the width of the bed, starting from a minimum of 4 discs on an 80 cm wide slat, up to 6 discs on a 120 cm wide slat. 

3. Six double overlaid sprung slats with slinding tenions adjusters in the lower back and hip area. By simpy moving the tension adjusters inwards or outwards you can customise the stiffness of these slats according to your specific needs. If you want a higher degree of firmness all you have to do is move the adjusters towards the outside. To make them softer just do the opposite.

4. The flexible TPV slat holders that hold the slats firmly in place and have a slight vertical and horizontal swaying motion. These inserts improve the ergonomics of the bed base as they have a shock-absorbing effect.


The Single Row Electric Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Blossom with sprung slats is available in the following dimensions:

Total width: 80, 90, 100 or 120 cm
Total length: 190, 195 or 200 cm
Frame height and thickness: 60 x 30 mm
Leg height: 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 cm
Slats width and thickness: 38 x 8 mm / when the bed base is 120 cm long, the slats are 38 x 12 mm

If you want different dimensions than those given on this page, we also offer customized solutions. Just ask us for a price quote specifying the measurements you would like to have.

Options for the legs of the slatted bed base

We offer two options for the legs of the bed base which you can choose from depending on where you will place it:

- without lateral legs: If you need a drop in slatted bed base that will be placed in a bed frame with lateral supports, you can order it without legs. 

- with lateral legs: If you want a floor standing bed base, you can choose the option to have it equipped with 4 lateral legs.