Chest of Drawers for 300/315 cm Wardrobes

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Standard chest of drawers made in lamellar beech wood with three drawers. You can choose between different types of sliding systems of the drawers: wood-on-wood or on metal runners with soft-close dampers. For opening and closing of the drawers you can choose either leather loops or integrated handles.

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432,48 € tax incl.

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508,80 € tax incl.

Product Options

Drawers runners
metal with soft closing
[+ 81,97 €]
Position of the drawer module
below to the right
below to the right
below to the left
below to the left
below in the middle
below in the middle
Drawers opening
leather lace
leather lace
opening recess
opening recess
Finishing (natural not treated, oiled or coloured)
clear lacquer
[+ 123,97 €]
same colour of the wardrobe outside
[+ 165,29 €]

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Product features

The chest of drawers module for the wardrobe interior is made of lamellar beech wood and has three drawers. The drawers can be completed either with the space convenient leather loops or rectangular integrated handles. You can also choose where to position the drawer module and which sliding system the drawers should have.

The various positions of the drawer chest in the wardrobe (i. e. right, left) can be seen when you view the wardrobe from the front.

Sliding systems for the drawers

For the drawers you can choose between two different sliding systems:

1) Wood-on-wood sliding system
The chest of drawers with the wood-on-wood sliding systems for the drawers consists of a set of 4 vertical elements ( 2 on the right and 2 on the left) on which the wooden runners are screwed. The drawers slide inside these runners due to the precise millings along their outer sides. All drawers with this sliding systems are made of lamellar beech wood and are without drawer stops.

2) Metal sliding system
The chest of drawers with a metal sliding system Blum has soft-close dampers and drawer stops. Due to two safety devices underneath each drawer they can also be taken out completely. The runners are placed underneath the drawers and are therefore not visible. For this design the drawers are made of multilayered birch wood with lamellar beech fronts.

Wood finish

The chest of drawers module is available with different finishings: natural untreated wood with oil colored finish or the same color as the exterior of the wardrobe. In case you already bought a wardrobe, please specify the color in the order.

If you want a transparent finish choose the option “oiled color”. We finish our wood exclusively with water-based ecological colors.

Types of wood

Drawers with wood-on-wood sliding system: lamellar beech.
Drawers with metal sliding system: multilayered birch with lamellar beech fronts.


Chest of drawers height: 60 cm
For custom dimensions, contact us for a price quote

Care and maintenance

When cleaning treated wood use a damp sponge without solvents or cleaning agents. Untreated wood may be vacuumed or dusted.