Single Row Slatted Bed Base Bio

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The frame of the ergonomic Single Row Slatted Bed Base Bio in beech wood is fastened at the corners with finger joints which make it very stable. The sprung slats in beech wood offer different levels of support for each part of the body. The slats in the shoulder region have millings for enhanced flexibility while the slats in the lumbar region have stiffness adjusters for added support.

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Expected dispatch date 27-06-2024.

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Product features

The Single Row Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base Bio is made entirely out of multi-layer beech wood. The  14 flexible sprung slats in multi-layered beech wood offer different levels of support to perfetly follow the body shape and encourage correct posture during sleep. This bed therefore offers relief from back, neck and general joint pain.

The main features that enhance the ergonomics of the Single Row Slatted Bed Base Bio are:

1. The incisions in two slats in the shoulder region to make them more flexible so as to remove pressire in this area.

2. The sliding stiffness adjusters on 4 slats in the lumbar region. This mechanism add extra support right where the main part of the body weight is concentrated to ensure that the spine remains straight during sleep. To increase the rigidity of these slats you simply have to move the adjusters away farther apart from each other untill you reach the desired level of stiffness.

The simple design of the Single Row Slatted Bed Base Bio makes it easy to move it around and insert it in any bed frame. The finger joints at the corners which hold the frame together guarantee for a very high stability.

If you prefer an adjustable slatted bed base which can be reclined at the head or feet, take a look at the Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Bio.


The Single Row Slatted Bed Base Bio is available in the following sizes:

Total width: 80 to 120 cm
Total length: 190 to 200 cm
Frame height and thickness: 60 x 30 mm
Slats width and thickness: 68 x 8 mm / when the bed base is 120 cm wide, the slats are 68 x 12 mm
Feet height: 30 to 50 cm

If you need a wider bed take a look at the Double Row Slatted Bed Base Bio.

If you need custom dimensions you can ask us for a price quote specifying the measurements you would like to have.

Options for the legs of the slatted bed base

You can choose between two options for the legs depending on how you want to use the slatted bed base:

- without legs: This option is ideal you need a drop in slatted bed base that will be placed in a bed frame with lateral supports.

- with four legs: If you want a floor standing bed base, you can choose to complete it with four legs that will be fixed underneath the corners of the frame.