Japanese bedroom furniture

Japanese style bedroom furniture in solid beech wood

Arpel produces minimalist, eco-friendly japanese bedroom furniture. Our designs are simple and authentic, each piece is made with solid beech wood. 

The wood used for our bedroom furniture is FSC certified to ensure the highest quality. You may choose from a wide range of wood colors, obtained using toxic free water based wood coatings.

All our japanese bedroom furniture can be purchased online at production prices. If you need a custom solution, we also offer bespoke furniture. We would be happy to help you find the best solution for your bedroom and the rest of your home. Contact us for a price quote!

Japanese bedroom

Japanese aiko bed
Japanese beds
japanese wardrobes
Walk-in Closet
Walk-in Closet
Chest of Drawers japanese
Chest of Drawers
Japanese Cabinets
Japanese Cabinets
Japanese beside table
Japanese beside tables

Bedroom furniture sets

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