Sliding systems for the Shoji and Feng japanese doors

Arpel offers different sliding japanese doors systems for its wardrobes, partitions and wall cabinets. Depending on the weight of the doors which is mainly due to the selected covering, some systems may be more appropriate than others.

Wood on wood, the traditional sliding system for light japanese doors

This system is the traditional Japanese one. The doors slides in simple wood runners carved directly in the external panels of the piece of furniture. Beechwood is not subject to wear out over time as it is very hard. Generally the doors with this system are not provided with handles and you can move them by grabbing the doors in any place you like.

It's possible to use this system in cabinets, wardrobes and bookcases with sliding doors. For partitions and walk-in closets that don't have a real base, it's possible to place the runners directly on the floor. In the houses with floors that are still in construction, it's possible to insert the runners directly into the floor so that the finished result will be on the same level.

Lighter door coatings like the simple fabric and the Washi paper with double-sided PVC coatings are more indicated for this kind of sliding system.  

wood on wood sliding system

Sliding system from the bottom with wheels hidden in wooden rails

VARIATION: in case of heavier coatings, it's possible to apply small wheels underneath the doors in order to allow them to slide a bit more easily. The design of the doors is the same as the wood on wood system. The wheels are not adjustable in height and remain hidden in wooden rails underneath the door. In this case the rail depth is increased to ensure a safe sliding. 

scorrimento su guide metalliche

Sliding system on metal runners

In this solution, metal runners are fixed with glue in the bottom panel. The doors are provided with special wheels that can be adjusted in height. This sliding system ensures an easy and light sliding of the door. Usually doors are provided with QUADRO or simple milling handles. 

We recommend  this kind of system for doors with heavier coatings like: panels covered by fabric, wood panels, Washi paper on transparent polycarbonate layer.

sliding on golden rails

Sliding system from the top with metal profile with optional soft closing system

Regarding both the wardrobe and the partitions, the doors can be hookes to rollers that slide along metal profiles at the top. These runners are completely hidden by wooden panels.
For sliding walls used as partitions this system does not require a wooden runner on the floor.  If necessary the doors can be fitted with a soft closing system.

Upper metal rails
Suspended doors for wardrobes

Sliding from the top for sliding pocket doors
Suspended doors for partitions