High quality ecologic and solid wood Japanese beds

Arpel creates sturdy, high quality beds in solid FSC beechwood in different models and sizes at the best prices.

The Arpel beds meet all the requirements of:

Design: from the minimalist Japanese style to a more sophisticated design with colored finishing

Functionality: from the simple Japanese platforms to storage box beds, bookcase beds and loft beds

Comfort: from the rigid traditional futontatami to the ergonomic bio-memory mattresses on flexa slats

Ecology: all beds are made with solid beechwood produced in the EU (without chipboard and chemical glues) and treated only with ecologic and non-toxic water based coatings

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Japanese beds

True to the Zen style, they are very low beds with the traditional tatamifuton combination. Platforms and beds of all sizes are available on our website and it's possible order the tatami in a bigger size than the mattress so that it's intricate desgin remains visible at the borders. All beds can be in finished wood with water based coatings in different colors or in natural wood. Take a look at the Japanese beds section of our website!

Design beds

For the lovers of special design, this category includes very particular beds. The solid beechwood creates special shapes that transform your bedroom, making it a unique place.
Take a look at the Design beds section of our website!

Bookcase beds

For literature lovers and bookworms, these models allow you to have all your books at hands reach right under your bed. These beds are also available with a practical storage box inside so you can put all the space under the mattress to good use. Some models have bookcase modules only on 3 sides while others have it on all 4 sides.

Loft beds

The loft beds add more space to your room. You may use this extra space as a place to relax or as a study. The Arpel loft beds are made with solid beechwood and Japanese tatamis. All models can be combined with a wide range of accessories such as desks, cube stairs, and handrails to better complete the space under the bed.

Box beds

Arpel offers storage box beds with openable bases or solid pull-out drawers on wheels. These beds let you use the space under your mattress to store anything from blankets to clothes for the next season. The design of these beds is elegant, light and easy to match with any kind of room.