Living rooms in japanese style

Arpel offers ecologic furniture in beechwood and a wide range of sofa and armchair models. We can also design custom living rooms with:

We offer the following furniture for the living room: 

Sofas and transformable futon armchairs
Sofas and sofa beds
 transformable armchair
Transformable armchairs
 Quadro bookcase
 sliding walls
Japanese screens
Japanese Screens
 Tatami floors
Tatami floors
 Japanese cabinets
Japanese Cabinets
All furniture pieces can be purchased at producer prices.

Custom works

If the standard models don't fit your room you can request a estimation for a custom-made living room. You can request a free estimation using the contact form and we will help you find the best solution for your living room. We can assemble the furniture directly in your house.
Have a look at some of the custom works already made by Arpel