Tatami floors

Originally used in Japan, tatami mats can be used to cover whole floors, or just a specific area to distinguish it from the rest of the house. Perhaps an area where to rest, meditate or practice oriental arts.

The standard dimensions of the tatami in centimeters are: 90x90 - 60x200 - 70x200 - 80x200 - 90x200 - 100x200 - 90x180

It is possible to create floorings by combining more tatami mats in different dimensions. To fully cover a floor, you may request wood fillings of the same height as the tatami (5.5 cm). Generally those wood elements are colored wenge or black, like the lateral bands of the tatami. 

Some examlpes of possible compositions using the standard 90x180 cm tatami

Tatami composition

The 270x 270 cm combination is available as a unique product to order from here:  Tatami 270x270 cm composition package.
The other combinations can be made by purchasing the single tatami mats.

Pavimento tatami