Tatami floor

Eastern cultures use tatami mats as a floor covering on which to walk barefoot. They also make a great base for a traditional Futon mattress.
The particular weave of tatami floors offer a very pleasant feel to the foot when walking over them and they support the body weight ideally.
Some martial arts disciplines even require the use of tatami as a traditional floor during competitions. 
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Tatami for beds

The tatami mats can be used as a mattress base in beds or platforms. The mats are always placed on top of our wood slats.
The breathability and sturdiness of a tatami mat make it a perfect support for Futon mattresses. Tatami mats are slightly sturdier, compared to slats.

If the inner dimension of the bed is the same as the mattress, it will cover the mat, hiding the tatami completely (Figure 2).
It's also possible to create beds with lwith a larger base than the mattress so that the tatami remains exposed on the sides, revealing it's intricate and beautiful weave (Figures 1-3). 

Tatami Features and cleaning

Our tatamis are considered a high quality product. The double weave, visible both on the front and back side, is a proof of the high quality of this item.
Our Japanese tatamis are 5.5 cm thick and made of rice straw.

The tatamis made with natural rice straw are not subject to attacks from any type of bed mites, however, it is important to note that dust and flakes of skin that may deposit on the tatami do instead attract dust mites. We therefore recommend to regularly vacuum clean mat and ventilate it by temporarily changing the position of the mattress.