The futon mattresses are typical of the Japanese culture. Originally they were considered as "thin rollable mattresses".

Futon mattresses are now popular in modern western cultures as well for their versatility and adaptability to the body shape. The futon is a quilted mattress (with non removable fabric) with internal layers (not tufts) of pure raw fiber carded cotton or virgin wool. Additionally, some models have latex or coconut mat layers. 

The carded cotton or wool represent the main elements of this product. The addition of latex and coconut fiber layers can increase ergonomics and breathability, they also add more stability and stiffness to the cotton layers.

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Futon mattress on a tatami

Futon cleaning and removable covers

The futon is a quilted mattress, therefore the fabric is not removable and it can only be cleaned with stain-removers. It cannot be washed with water because this may cause even more stains. It's a good practice to vacuum clean it regularly, especially if you are allergic to dust and mites. If you want to further protect your futon, we also offer Futon covers made with the same fabric of the mattress. 

In the first few months, the futon must be turned over several times in order to ensure an even compression of the cotton inside it. If your futon is placed on a tatami, we recommend to regularly check if moisture has formed under the mattress. In humid environments, it's a good practice to lightly fold the mattress from time to time to allow the tatami and futon to air out and release moisture. 

Futon models

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Cotton Futon
Cotton futon
  Futon cotton and latex
Cotton and latex futon
  Latex and coconut futon
Cotton latex and coconut futon
Wool futon
Wool and latex futon
Wool, latex and coconut futon
Travel futon
Travel futon
 futon for massage
Futon for massages
 cover for futon
Futon cover