Origami ecological furniture series

Arpel produces modern ecological furniture series like this sophisticated one called Origami.
What is particular about this series is the special design of the bed and beside-table feet that resemble a japanese origami. The same interesting shape can be found also on the lateral decorative panels of the chest of drawers and wardrobes (those decorative panels are optional).

The bookcase side-end modules that can be added to the straight or corner wardrobes represent a great innovation that enhance the design of your bedroom.

Ecological furniture series ORIGAMI

Wood colors and handles

All ecological furniture pieces are made with solid FSC certified beechwood that is treated only with water-based finishings.
When ordering, it's possible to choose among several different wood colors.

The beechwood drawers and the door handles can be customized with a different color than the rest of the piece of furniture.

Ecological furniture and Blum technology

In the ecommerce category of the Origami series you can find all the necessary elements to furnish a room in a minimalist style. This includes a bed, beside tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes. All the ecological furniture can be personalised and ordered from our online shop.  If you need special dimensions or other modifications, you can order a custom-made piece of furniture by contacting us.

The wardrobes are available in the straight or corner versions consisting of different modules.  You can also find several models of the chest of drawers.

The wardrobe doors are provided with the best Blum technology soft closure system. The drawers slide on special runners that allow for total opening and a soft closure system.

Photo gallery

Beside table origami Bedroom in origami style Bedroom in origami style, chest of drawers Bedroom in origami style, corner wardrobe Bedroom in origami style, bookcase module Bedroom in origami style, wardrobe Chest of drawers