Sofas and transformable futon armchairs

Arpel offers various models of sofas and armchairs made with the traditional Futon mattress.

Transformable Futon armchairs

The transformable armchairs are special Japanese futon mattresses that can become a bed, a sofa or an armchair.

All the models are available in different colors and fabrics. You can find them all in the Transformable futon armchairs category of the ecommerce and customize colors and fabrics.

Sofa and sofa bed futon

The sofas are the combination of a structure in wood and a futon mattress. The wood structure and the mattress are openable and can become a single or a double bed. Both the wood structure and the futon are available in different colors and fabrics.  Discover all the models and prices in the Sofa beds section of our online shop!