Covering fabrics for sliding japanese doors

Arpel uses 100% cotton ecrù fabric for japanese doors.

The white sand is the most often used, but it's possible to choose among a wide range of colors. You can therefore personalize your furniture with special colours. The colour of the cover fabric can be selected in the product options of each wardrobe, cabinet, bookcase, japanese sliding door and walk-in closet.

Covering methods and cleaning

Simple fabric

This technique consists in the stretching the fabric and fixing it with staples to the back of the japanese door frame. This solution is very lightweight and therefore ideal for the traditional japanese wood-on-wood sliding system.
The staples are hidden by a grid of wooden strips applied to the back of the doors. It's possible to clean the fabric only with a vacuum cleaner or, in extreme cases, with non-aggressive stain removers. The covering may be replaced if necessary but it must be done in our production base or on-site by qualified staff.

simple fabric cover

Fabric on a wooden panel

This method consists in covering light multi-layer wood panels with fabric that will then be screwed onto the back of the japanese door. This solution adds extra stability to the doors. Although it is possible to use this covering type with the typical japanese wood-on-wood sliding system, we recommend other sliding solutions such as metal runners on the top or bottom of the doors.

Care and maintenance: the fabric can be only vacuum cleaned or, if absolutely necessary, it may be cleaned with non-aggressive stain removers. 

This type of covering can be replaced directly on site even by non-professionals. Arpel will send you new panels covered with fabric and you will just have to unscrew the existing panels from behind the doors and replace them with the new ones.

wood panel covered by fabric

Available colours:

fabric 01
fabric 02
fabric 35
fabric 04
fabric 09
fabric 12
fabric 15
fabric 17
fabric 19
fabric 22
fabric 24
fabric 26
fabric 30
fabric 31
fabric 06
fabric 37